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Trilogy Tennis Club Membership  


By completing the Tennis Club Membership Form you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the code of conduct set forth in the Tennis Club By-Laws and the Members Court Code of Conduct requirements.

All Tennis Club members, whether players or social members, must complete Trilogy's Club Participant Release of Liability and Waiver. Click Here to complete this form and submit it online to Trilogy.


The annual membership dues are $20 for players and $10 for social members.

You can pay via cash or check to Corey Hart, our Treasurer, to Rick or Frances Elola, our Membership Co-chairs, or drop your check in the Tennis Club mailbox at the Clubhouse.


Here is their contact information:

E-Mail -

Phone: 309-225-5809 


Email - 

Phone: 510-557-8365

For questions regarding membership, please reach out to Rick or Frances Elola. (See contact information above)

The Tennis Club's Board of Directors can be found by clicking here.

Membership Form

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