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Code of Conduct 

  • Respect each other and be courteous to all players of our club and other communities. Remember our tennis club represents all of us and Trilogy.

  • Do not argue loudly or be abusive to other players or your teammate.

  • Respect the calls of others and others will respect your calls. Calls usually even themselves out.

  • No foul, offensive or obscene language will be tolerated.

  • No racquet throwing.

  • No ball abuse. Please do not smack or hit the ball into the net, fence or wall after the point.

  • If a serve is obviously out, do not hit the ball back with full force – as if the serve was in. Please stroke or bump the ball into the net, stop it with your racquet or let the ball go through to the backstop. (This will stop any unforeseen injuries to all players.)

  • There is no need to retrieve the third ball, unless it is a hindrance to play. Only two balls are needed to start a point. Tennis is about continuous play.

  • Please do not engage in miscellaneous chatter on the court in the game you are playing.

  • If a serve is out, call it out. Pointing your finger is not sufficient.

  • The ball is always considered “in play” unless it’s called out.


We strongly encourage all players to know
where the AED is located within the tennis
complex. We also encourage you to
consider attending free AED training,
as well as low-cost CPR training at Trilogy. 


  1. Guests under the age of six (6) are not permitted to use the tennis courts. Guests between six (6) and seventeen (17) must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. A maximum of 3 Guests per match. This means that a resident of Trilogy must always be on the court during play of any kind.
  3. Only tennis is allowed to be played on the tennis courts. 
  4. Proper sports athletic wear and footwear must be worn on the courts at all times.
  5. No chairs, no food, no smoking/vaping is permitted on the courts. No pets, except service animals, are permitted on the playing surface.
  6. Know USTA rules of play before playing, and make sure all players are in compliance with the Tennis Club By-Laws and the Tennis Club Code of Conduct.
​The complete Sport Complex rules (R-3.7) can be found on

For Emergencies Call 911
Location: 4369 E Village Parkway

For problems involving the tennis complex, call Event Services 480-797-1662
Monday – Sunday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
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