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Guiding Principles of Court Play

   Tennis Club's Policy


  • Nourish a safe and fun environment (error on the side of safety)

  • Remind players that the code of conduct as stated in the Tennis Club By-Laws must be adhered to during all club play.

  • If a player needs rest get a volunteer to stay with the player

  • Make sure you know where the AED is located

  • Consider attending AED training (free at Trilogy)

  • Consider completing CPR training (small fee at Trilogy)

  Tennis Play Guidelines


  • Check sign up schedule for court availability

  • Court shoes must be worn at all times

  • Do your best to select the play that best fits your ability (If unsure start easy)

  • If not feeling good let at least one playmate know so they can help evaluate

  • Know USTA rules of play before playing, and make sure all players are in compliance with the Tennis Club By-Laws and the Tennis Club Code of Conduct.

  Court Conduct
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