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Club Announcements

Club information will be posted  here 

Updated IronOaks Club Play it Forward Flyer

If interested in signing up for IronOaks Play It Forward Charity Event on April 6 or have any questions please contact Kathy Green, at or 480-797-0617. I will be turning in the Trilogy sign-up sheet on March 26th.


Thank you,



2024 Tennis Club Election






Tennis Club Members on behalf of the Election Committee: 


Below is the ballot for the 2024 Tennis Club Election.  We've received nominations for the following this year:


Vice President - Scott Bean

Treasurer - Corey Hart

Director 1 @ Large - Anh Snell (IT)  

Director 2 @ Large - Rick Elola (Membership) 

Director 3 @ Large - Julie Harris (Tournament)


All positions are for two-year terms except Member Director @ Large which will be for one year. 

Please respond by March 4, 12 p.m. as prescribed by the bylaws by replying to the email (Bill Smiesko). 

Type in an X on the line next to candidate or do a write in. 

We will accept hard copy ballot selections with your voting name at the March 7th meeting and we will declare the winners at the same meeting.


Trilogy @ Power Ranch Tennis Club Ballot - March 2024


Please vote for one of the following positions in each category:


Vice President

                        Scott Bean __________________

                        Write In ____________________



                        Corey Hart __________________

                        Write In _____________________


Director 1 @ Large (IT)

                        Anh Snell ___________________

                        Write in _____________________


Director 2 @ Large (Membership)

                        Rick Elola ___________________

                        Write in _____________________


Director 3 @ Large (Tournament)

                        Julie Harris ___________________

                        Write in _____________________



Tennis Club Nomination and Election Committee

Bill Smiesko

Julie Espeseth

Larry Goad

Trilogy Fitness & Wellness Alert

Please sign up for the free AED Training 

Friday, March 29th 3:00-3:30 pm

Multipurpose Room 

Brought to you by the community association



Play it Forward Charity Event 

Please contact Kathy G if you are interested in this great event at

Trilogy Tennis Website 2023

Here is the presentation that was shared at our informational session.

Trilogy has a new
Tennis Ball Machine!

Along with our new courts in February of this year, we also acquired a brand new tennis ball machine. It will do just about anything you need it to do as you practice new ways to improve your game! 

In order to access the ball machine, you MUST do two things:

  1.   Use your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone and bind it to the padlock that guards the ball machine, and

  2.   Watch the 10-min instructional video on how to use and care for the ball machine

Once you have completed both steps, send an email to (or send a text to 480.521.6064), include your first and last name, and declare that you have completed both steps. You will then be given privileges to unlock the Bluetooth lock that protects the ball machine.

Step 1: Preparing your phone to unlock access to the ball machine

Step 2: How to use and care for the tennis ball machine


The ball machine is stored outside, just east of court 3. It is locked to the light pole with a cable and Bluetooth padlock. You will need your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone in hand when you open the padlock to access the ball machine.

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