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Trilogy Tennis Website 2023

Here is the presentation that was shared at our informational session.

Trilogy has a new
Tennis Ball Machine!

Along with our new courts in February of this year, we also acquired a brand new tennis ball machine. It will do just about anything you need it to do as you practice new ways to improve your game! 

In order to access the ball machine, you MUST do two things:

  1.   Use your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone and bind it to the padlock that guards the ball machine, and

  2.   Watch the 10-min instructional video on how to use and care for the ball machine

Once you have completed both steps, send an email to (or send a text to 480.521.6064), include your first and last name, and declare that you have completed both steps. You will then be given privileges to unlock the Bluetooth lock that protects the ball machine.

Step 1: Preparing your phone to unlock access to the ball machine

Step 2: How to use and care for the tennis ball machine


The ball machine is stored outside, just east of court 3. It is locked to the light pole with a cable and Bluetooth padlock. You will need your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone in hand when you open the padlock to access the ball machine.

Did you say HOT DOG??

It started out a quiet day for our hot dog fundraiser so we sent out our HOT DOG to drum up some sales
Before long, she was joined by another helpeand more helpers showed up

and before long the Tennis Club sold 382 HOT DOGS.  Way to go team

This was definitely a team effort.  AS the saying goes "Teamwork Makes

the Dream Work"...  It sure showed it on Saturday as the team set up. 

grilled, clean, served, and even danced until the very end.  We heard 

from several residents how great the camoderie of the Tennis club volunteers were, as

we sent an example of how we all pulled together to make this event

such a success.  Thank you all for making it fun and at times crazy.

Please enjoy the videos.

Robson Ranch Jan 21st, 2023

It was a brisky start to our day of tennis, you know it's cold when the ball doesn't bounce when it hits the courts.  The sun finally warmed up the courts and we had another great day of tennis.  We had some great games that went back and forth till the very end.  Trilogy came away with another win!!!
Thank you all for coming and supporting the Tennis Club
Please enjoy the video.


Sunbird Tournament Jan 7th, 2023 

It was another great day in Arizona to play tennis.  We had a great turnout for our tournament at Sunbird.  There were some great tennis being played, and some heartfelt games that went to the very last seconds.  Trilogy came out on top with the support of our USTA Men's team.  Thank you to the food committee lead by Larry and Betsy Hanusa.  The Chili was the BOOM. Please enjoy the photos and we will see you all on Jan 21st when we play @ Robson Ranch.

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