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SPECIAL CLUB MEETING instead of a Club Information Session in December. AGENDAS listed below.

Reminder, we are currently collecting Club annual dues of $20 for playing members and $10 for social members (this is an increase from last year). Payments can be made via Check Payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch (memo: Tennis Club dues) or Cash. If paying by cash, place it in an envelope with your name. You may bring your payment to our next meeting on December 7th or drop your envelope into our Tennis Club mailbox located in the Clubhouse.

At our next Membership meeting, (yes meeting not Information Session), on December 7th, 2023 at 4:00PM we will be voting on our Club By-Laws to conform with the Trilogy Community Association By-Laws template. Our current By-Laws require a quorum ( 25% of membership) be present for the vote. This means we need a minimum of 28 members attending this meeting.

Agenda: 1. Treasurer's Report

2. New Club By-Laws 3. Other Business

4. Member Comments 5. Adjournment

The Tennis Club Board of Directors are meeting on November 24th at 3:00PM in the Flex Room.

Agenda is as follows:

  1. Member comments

  2. Approval of Minutes

  3. Treasurer's Report

  4. Budget to CA

  5. Club Expo Volunteers

  6. By-Law Template

  7. Other Business

  8. Adjournment

Don Blair,

Tennis Club President

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