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Club Meeting Agenda

Tennis Club Members,

What: Tennis Club Board of Directors Meeting

When: Friday October 27th at 3:00 PM

Where: Flex Room

Below is the agenda for the Board Meeting. As has been our practice, member comments are the first item on the agenda.This is your opportunity to express any concerns and questions directly to the Board.

The General membership meeting will be the Thursday following the Board Meeting which is November 2nd at 4:00PM in the Catalina Room.

1. Member Comments

2. Christmas Party

3. Approval of minutes

4. Finance report

5. Socials w/ meetings

6. Friday Night Lights

7. Service and Storage room

8. Dues

9. Fun Committee

10. Website updates / Workshops. Anh & Scott

11. Ball Machine - Scott

12. Other Business

Don Blair

Tennis Club President

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